Xbox 360 to get UK price cut this Friday

Written by Joe Martin

September 18, 2008 | 12:36

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The UK will officially get the same Xbox 360 price cut as seen in the US and Japan it seems, with Microsoft confirming price cut leaks from the likes of Woolworths.

The new price points for the Xbox 360 range will see the basic Arcade model, which comes without a hard drive, be reduced to £129.99, making it considerably cheaper than a Nintendo Wii and by far the cheapest current-gen console on the market.

The 60GB Xbox 360 meanwhile will fall to £169.99, while the 120GB Elite will tumble to £229.99 - which directly correlates with prices in the US once VAT is taken into account.

Microsoft has such a massive lead on the market now in terms of cost that it is unlikely that the console will see further price reductions, especially with the company starting to focus on creating the new next-gen system.

Whether or not these new prices will generate any more sales for the console or not is a slightly confused issue - but as a consumer that's a pretty moot point and it's undoubted that the new prices make the Xbox 360 an attractive option for any console-buyer.

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