X-COM comes to Steam

Written by Joe Martin

September 5, 2008 | 10:59

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I've talked briefly about this before in a column, but for every gamer in the world there is always going to be one game which speaks to them better than any other; something which helped define who they are.

I had The Secret of Monkey Island, while Tim had Asteroids. For resident tech-guru Richard though it was X-COM: Terror From The Deep - which has just been re-released on Valve's Steam service.

Valve today revealed that the entire series of X-COM games from UFO Defense through to Apocalypse is now available to buy and play through Steam for a very tempting fee.

Each game in the series can be picked up from a meagre $4.99, while the collection can currently be had with a 10 percent discount until Sept. 11th for just $13.49. In pounds sterling that means you can pick up one of the most memorable sci-fi strategy games of recent years for less than £10.

The X-COM series is often held up as one of the most influential turn-based strategy games, casting players as the director of an anti-alien task force which must defend the world from off-world threats.

Terror From The Deep is especially remarkable for no other reason than the fact the soundtrack is enough to reduce Richard to a trembling, frightened wreck.

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