Will Wright: You'll never see everything in Spore

Written by Joe Martin

July 28, 2008 | 11:52

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Speaking during an hour-long presentation of the massively anticipated Spore at Comic-Con 2008, Will Wright said that the game is so big and so massively populated with content now that even if you played the game for your entire life then you would still not see everything according to Eurogamer

Spore may not be available to buy just yet, but the Creature Creator demo is and EA has cunningly tied that into the full-game. Content created in the demo is already being uploaded and used to populate the servers of the Sporepedia.

Spore is a game which allows players to experiment with evolution, taking an alien race from a single cell and evolving it up into an alien creature though powerful but easy to use design tools.

The game then continues to zoom out - you go from controlling one creature, to a small family, a small city and eventually an entire ecosystem. As your race begins to spread across the galaxy, you can experiment with the laws of nature.

Will Wright said that this focus means the game is more of an interactive toy than a game, which he sees as integral to the success of the title. The entire game is built around teaching basic concepts of science, such as evolution, through fun and interactive means - making it a very educational game suitable for all audiences.

Will was sure to keep the demonstration relevant to the Comic-Con show however and showcased one of the new features to the game, a utility called MashOn which is an in-game tool for creating simple comic books and adventure stories about your creations by using images and video taken from the game.

If you want to know still more about Spore then you can check out our extensive hands-on preview of Spore.

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