Zotac launches the VR Go 3.0 gaming backpack

Written by Jennifer Allen

May 19, 2020 | 15:00

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Previously seen at CES 2020, Zotac has finally launched the VR Go 3.0 gaming backpack PC.

Basically desktop-replacement notebooks in backpack form, the VR Go 3.0 is aimed at the VR market for obvious reasons. It means you can strap on the PC before donning a VR headset without any need to be anywhere near a desktop system. The VR Go 3.0 offers an Intel Core i7-9700 processor, GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card, 16GB of DDR4-2667 SO-DIMM memory, and 240GB NVMe SSD storage. It also has two hot-swappable battery packs so you can swap out a battery in the middle of your game without losing any progress. It's going to need it too given that Zotac promises a whopping 1 hour of 'uninterrupted action' per battery, but at least it also comes with an external battery charging dock so you can keep on charging. It also beeps at you when it's time to swap batteries. 

The VR Go 3.0 supports a wide range of VR HMD standards and it's all based on Windows 10 because of course. It also has a Spectra 2.0 lighting system with addressable LEDs because even PC backpacks still have room for lights that you can tweak and adjust to your heart's content (or not). 

This is the VR Go's first update in over two years and much like its predecessors, it's a bit of a niche product but it's still pretty cool. In fact, cool should be the correct word here as Zotac reckons the VR Go 3 now offers better ventilation, as well as better thermal insulation for the wearer. After all, who fancies having a hot computer strapped to their back for extended sessions? If you're worried about your shoulders, you'll be pleased to know Zotac has also tweaked weight distribution so it should be pretty even, plus there are added foam paddings on the back support and shoulder straps. 

If you want, you can always turn the VR Go 3 into a regular desktop system too with ports available to hook up a monitor, keyboard and mouse. 

There's no word on a price yet and we're guessing this isn't going to be cheap by any means, but then anything VR rarely is. 

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