Valve to begin hosting Source mods on Steam

Written by Joe Martin

September 29, 2008 | 11:59

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In a recent update on Steam, Valve Software has announced that it is to begin hosting Source engine mods on Steam starting next week, allowing users to download the mods directly through Steam.

The update will also allow the mods to be automatically updated through Steam, with Valve also offering stat-tracking for any mods that are added to Steam.

Valve will be adding more and more mods to Steam as time goes on, but for now Valve is to launch the mod support with only five mods starting next week. The first five mods to be included are the medieval Age of Chivalry, the co-operative Synergy, the vehicular deathmatch D.I.P.R.I.P, the Insurgency total conversion and our personal favourite Zombie Panic.

Unfortunately though, our game of the moment hasn't been added to the list and despite the popularity of The Hidden in the bit-tech offices, Valve hasn't decided to support the mod just yet.

The fact that Steam will be hosting user-created content such as this is a huge step forward for the PC community obviously, and with plenty of precedent for amateur mod makers jumping into the big leagues, it's a fair bet that Valve will be looking to see which mods are the most popular on Steam in the future.

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