Valve dates Steam Cloud launch

Written by Joe Martin

November 4, 2008 | 11:04

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Valve has announced that the new Steam Cloud service which was first announced back in May this year will start launching later this week, in time for the early Left4Dead demo available to those who pre-ordered the game.

The early demo of Left4Dead becomes available on Thursday, November 6th and the public demo will go live on November 11th, with the full game getting released on November 18th.

Cloud is a new system that'll constantly run in the background on Steam and collect data on user configurations, such as mouse sensitivity and key bindings. The idea is that when you recover your Steam account on another PC (such as your work PC) your system will automatically set itself up in line with all your previous configs.

Support for Steam Cloud is new though, so don't expect it to instantly work with all your games on Steam. Left4Dead will be the first game from Valve to have full Steam Cloud compatibility.

Interestingly though, as well as patching older games to work with Steam Cloud, Valve is also going to be sharing the code for the system with all publishers and developers who currently have games on Steam at no added cost. Hopefully then we'll see the system spreading soon enough.

If you want to know more about Left4Dead then you can check out our hands-on Left4Dead preview, our interview with game writer Chet Faliszek, or you can just share your excitement in the forums.
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