V-Tech Flash creator issues ransom

Written by Joe Martin

May 16, 2007 | 12:19

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Only days after the tragic event, Ryan Lambourn had begun work on a flash game based on the Virginia Tech shootings in a strikingly distasteful move that mirrored the controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG was previously featured as number two in a list of the worst games of all time. The V-tech flash game has provoked similar reactions of disgust from the public, though some view the game - which is both ridiculously easy and terribly made - as incredibly brave and thought provoking.

However, following an understandably massive outcry against the game, Ryan Lambourn has become even more brazen and callous and has issued a ransom for the games removal.

The following message was posted on his website;

"ATTENTION ANGRY PEOPLE: I will take this game down from newgrounds if the donation amount reaches $1000 US, i'll take it down from here if it reaches $2000 US, and i (sic) will apologize if it reaches $3000 US."

Obviously this has provoked a massive response also, with comments on the website including; "If someone donates a plane ticket, i will go knock some sense into him" and other such threats.

At bit-tech we're all for using computer games as an artistic medium, but it seems obvious that this 'game' and the following ransom were made without artistic intention or merit and exist solely as a way for the creator to extort money from others.

What's your opinion on the game, can games be used as an art form and will you be donating to silence Ryan Lambourn? Let us know in the forums.
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