Unreal Tournament 3 Soundtrack released

Written by Joe Martin

November 16, 2007 | 12:03

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Some game soundtracks I can understand and forgive me if I sound like an (ironically) broken record, but games like Monkey Island and Beyond Good and Evil had music which should have been top of the charts. Outcast and Fallout spring to mind as games with awesome tunes too - not to mention the Zelda series.

To me, Unreal Tournament 3 is, despite all it's awesomeness, not a game which will sell a lot of records. Epic seem to have other ideas though and will apparently be releasing a full soundtrack for the game later this year.

The fully original soundtrack clocks in at 120 minutes long and is composed by Rom Di Prisco and Jesper Kyd, who between them have worked on classics like the Need for Speed and Hitman games. The soundtrack will go on sale on November 20th and is being tentatively described only as a technofest.

Personally, I'd prefer some with more of an anti-folk bent for when I'm relaxing at home but I'm sure there's a market for this type of thing among all you hip young gunslingers. After all, somebody keeps buying all this dance music rubbish.

Whether Mark Rein has the music on his IPod or not is something I'll have to check next time I speak to him.

Will you be picking up the OST or are your tastes a little more eclectic? Let us know in the forums.
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