Unity game engine adds support for PlayStation Vita

Written by Edward Chester

January 16, 2014 | 11:26

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Companies: #unity

Unity, the company behind the cross-platform game engine Unity, has announced the release of Unity 4.3 which adds full support for PlayStation Vita.

The engine, which is being used in such games as "Rain", "Sir, You Are Being Hunted", "Deus Ex: The Fall" and "Temple Run 2", will now support all the hardware features of the Vita, those being its motion sensors, front and rear cameras, dual analogue sticks and rear touch pad.

PSN features, such as Trophies, Friends and Matching, will also be made available for game developers to use.

With this announcement it means developers can now deploy games across almost the entire range of platforms, with support for everything from Android and BlackBerry to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Key features of the existing Unity 4.0 release are DirectX 11 support and Mecanim animation while mobile graphics enhancements include "real-time shadows, skinned mesh instancing, the ability to use normal maps when baking lightmaps and a refined GPU profiler."
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