Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps announced, is team based shooter

Written by Jake Tucker

September 15, 2015 | 11:40

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It's Resident Evil's 20th anniversary, and I've got to say something: I told you so.

With that out of the way, it appears they're celebrating the occasion with a multiplayer team based shooter: Umbrella Corps. The shamble away from the survival horror roots of the original game has never been more noticeable than watching the UK trailer, below.

This isn't the series first jaunt into competitive multiplayer, that was the much maligned Raccoon City. This seems more exciting though, taking design cues from many recent AAA FPS games.

Announced for PC and PS4 at this stage, an obvious influence is Titanfall with it's AI zombies littering the maps and the addition of a "zombie hook" which is used to mantle around the map but also sometimes to dish out a good hooking to your enemies. From the trailer it looks like the zombies will provide both help and hindrance, providing an additional level of threat to the battles while also lending their rotting flesh to being a human shield (zombie shield?) when needed.

As a big shooter fan myself, I'm cautiously optimistic. If they don't include Resident Evil 2's labyrinthian police station as an arena we'll be having words.

Umbrella Corps will release in 2016.

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