UK goes bonkers for PSP

Written by Wil Harris

September 6, 2005 | 11:58

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Sony have sold 185,000 PSPs in its first four days of UK availability. The huge amount of consoles shifted makes it the fastest selling games console of all time.

Despite retailing at a fairly high price of £179.99, it seems that gamers, who have waited nine months since the Japanese release to get their hands on the console, are eager to stump up the cash no matter what.

This week's All Formats Top Ten games chart, as compiled by Chart-Track in the UK, has 9 PSP games in it, marking a virtual clean sweep for the console.

Top seller is Ridge Racer, with Wipeout and Virtua Tennis not far behind.

If the sales of accessories is included, the launch of the console was worth £50m in hardware alone to retailers over the weekend. You can add another chunk onto that for the £35 a pop game sales.

It seems that despite the continued popularity of the Nintendo DS in Japan and the States, propped up by the recent release of the sublime Nintendogs, UK gamers are happy to make the switch to Sony.

There's some more facts and figures over at Eurogamer.

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