Ubisoft pulls MindQuiz DS from shops

Written by Joe Martin

June 29, 2007 | 17:14

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In yet another case of shamefully insensitive games companies getting themselves in trouble, Ubisoft has been forced to pull copies of the DS game, MindQuiz from shelves today.

MindQuiz for the DS is basically a Brain Training clone which gives players puzzles to solve and then a rating based on their performance. According to the BBC, poor performance in one section of the game would get players called an offensive word.

The word was discovered when a woman from Belfast contacted BBC Radio to complain.

"I thought it was absolutely appalling that a word like this should be used to describe someone who has not achieved very well" Said the woman in question, whose name is Nicola.

Nicola told the show she had been playing the game in hospital whilst giving birth to her baby son (you'd think she'd have more pressing things on her mind) four weeks ago. Nicola, who has family affected by Cerebral Palsy, was shocked to discover the game responded to her poor performance by calling her a name which was 'deregoatory to the disabled'.

Ubisoft were quick to respond, giving out a statement and pulling the game from shelves.

"As soon as we were made aware of the issue we stopped distribution of the product and are now working with retailers to pull the game off the market," a spokesperson said.

"The game was developed in Japan, and we unfortunately did not pick up on the offending word in our quality assurance. We are currently working with the developer to find a way to rectify the issue."

Ubisoft has apologised for the matter and pulled the game before other complaints could be lodged or any official action taken.

We're not exactly sure what the word was, but we're sure it was evil. Still, if you'd care to speculate then you can always drop us your comments.
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