Ubisoft pledges to overhaul disappointing Breakpoint

October 30, 2019 | 11:41

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Ubisoft has announced that it is to overhaul the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint experience following a wave of negative reviews and customer feedback, potentially using some of the developer time freed by its recent decision to delay its upcoming games.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint hit beta back in September and was launched earlier this month to near-universally negative reviews. Its performance has been so bad, in fact, that Ubisoft cited it as a reason for delaying its upcoming Watch Dogs: Legions, Gods & Monsters, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Skull & Bones titles for six months to a year in order to 'finish everything to our level of satisfaction while also reducing stress on the team.'

The company's development team might not be able to feel the full benefits of the elongated launch period, however, as it seems that some will now be working on fixing Breakpoint. 'While these first weeks have been rougher than expected,' the game's development team admit in an update on the official website, 'we are taking your feedback to heart. We deeply care about this game, the Ghost Recon franchise and you, our community of players, and are committed to improving it.

'Our first priority is to improve the technical state of the game. We know many players had a difficult time with game bugs and unexpected stability issues at launch and we are making every effort possible to address these issues as soon as we can. As we focus on improving the game, we also want you to know that our commitment does not stop here. We are dedicated to supporting Ghost Recon Breakpoint in the long term with plenty of post-launch content and special events to keep the world constantly growing and evolving.

'We also heard the criticism regarding the in-game economy. That is why we are currently working to make adjustments according to players’ feedback in the next few weeks, making the experience for players more comfortable. We announced at E3 2019 that AI Teammates would come back to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and they will. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was designed from the ground up to be enjoyed in co-op up to four players, and as an innovative pure solo experience. As such, adding back AI Teammates to the game is a major undertaking that will still require time. We will update you as we progress towards their release. Finally, we are aware that some of the design choices made have caused polarized reactions and discussions regarding the direction taken by the Ghost Recon franchise. We are happy to see players embracing the new elements of the game, but we also understand that there are areas of improvements. Some of you would like our new survival mechanics to have more impact on your experience, while others dislike the tiered loot progression we have added.'

While refusing to divulge details on how the latter will be balanced, aside from promising 'a more radical and immersive' experience, the team has indicated that progress is being made - and says it is 'looking into' a community survey to solicit additional feedback.

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