Transformer handheld released

Written by Joe Martin

June 5, 2007 | 11:54

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The Transformers movie isn't even out yet, let alone the inevitable surge in new games and comics, but already there are some cool gadgets hitting the market to go alongside the remake of the classic series.

The Power Up VT6 is a robot whose special ability is to fold down into a cute little handheld game. Well, they can't all be as l33t as Optimus Prime, can they?

This little Transformer is billed by Hasbro as 'one of the most closely guarded secrets on Earth'and is apparently as 'dangerous as he is slick looking...a master of manipulation.'

We're betting pretty soon he'll be manipulating little kids into nagging their parents to get them one.

The Power Up VT6 is apparently aligned with the Decepticons in the Transformers storyline and uses special receptors in the screen to 'scramble your brain right through your eyeballs.' Jack Thompson would have a field day, we're sure.

From that point on the information about the toy gets a little weird, claiming that it is 'not a working video game' and that 'few Decepticons are as frustrating to have around.'

Still, no matter how frustrating or unreliable it is, at only $6.99 the toy is bound to sell like hotcakes and soon children everywhere will be playing them until the batteries run out. Of course, at that point it simply folds down and the make believe violence continues - the fun never ends!

Reckon the Transformers movie will be any good, or is it doomed to be a camp, robot-filled flop? Still have some old Transformers toys lying around at home? Do you know somebody who cried when Optimus Prime suddenly blew a circuit in the cartoon version? The answers to these questions and more await, in the forums.
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