The Witcher gets 'completely finished'

Written by Joe Martin

February 19, 2008 | 10:03

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Atari and CD Projekt have announced that there will be a new retail version of The Witcher hitting shelves this May, updating the PC RPG and fixing numerous issues in the game.

Atari is saying that this new release will mark The Witcher as "completely finished".

The Witcher was released mid-last year and was an impressive enough game for PC RPG nuts like us, but it was unfortunately mired by all manner of bugs and flaws. A post-release patch improved things, but not massively.

Now Atari has announced a new version, called The Witcher: Enhanced Edition will go on sale this May. The new version will add a mod editor, a separate soundtrack, an expanded handbook and more character models. There's also two new adventures. However, extra content isn't the focus here - improved stability is. The new edition will have 80 percent faster load times and numerous gameplay fixes.

Thankfully, Atari isn't going to make everyone buy the new copy - if you already own a copy of the game then you can grab the fixes as part of a new downloadable update when it is released.

Well, that's all very nice and everything - but shouldn't the game have been completely finished when it was released the first time?

Are you tired of post-release patches and bug-fixes, or do you think it's an acceptable consequence of early releases? Let us know in the forums.
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