Team Fortress 2 update incoming

Written by Joe Martin

December 15, 2008 | 11:52

Tags: #tf2

Companies: #steam #valve

Valve has announced that it will be adding two major updates to Steam over the next few days - one for Steam itself, one for Team Fortress 2.

The Steam update is a new opt-in beta client that adds in a new in-game web browser, letting players browse the internet and check out utterly essential sites like when they get a few minutes of down time - like when you're waiting to respawn, for example.

To access the new beta client you'll have to first change your account settings to give you access to beta content, which you can do via File>Settings>Account, according to Valve.

The second update is due to land in the next few days and will see Valve making some fairly substantial tweaks to the gameplay of Team Fortress 2, with a lot of attention getting focused on the Spy and Engineer classes.

Among the changes will be the ability for the Spy to recharge his invisibility cloak by collecting ammo, plus an extra upgrade level for the Engineer that will let him take teleporters and dispensers to Level 3. More details on the changes are available on the Team Fortress 2 blog.

According to Valve's Robin Walker however these updates don't constitute an entire class pack, such as those we've previously seen with the Heavy or the Pyro. In fact, the next class to get a pack will be the Scout, though all classes will eventually get an update.

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