Surgeon Simulator dev announces bread RPG

Written by David Hing

October 20, 2014 | 11:54

Tags: #simulator

Companies: #bossa-studios

The creators of Surgeon Simulator have announced a RPG in which players take on the role of a sliced of bread.

The game, I am Bread, follows the slice’s journey to become toasted whilst not becoming overly damaged. Scores tracked during the game measure edibility and deliciousness of your slice of bread.

Gameplay shown in the trailer looks to be similar to that in Katamari Damacy in the way that the slice of bread appears to collect up bits of detritus along its journey. The slice is controlled by twitching the four corners to allow it to flop along surfaces or climb walls.

I am Bread has been developed by Bossa Studios with the initial idea coming from a game jam environment last month. This was also how the team initially created its first successful project, Surgeon Simulator. No release date has yet been announced.

Bossa Studios was founded in 2010 and specialises in free-to-play social network games with its flagship Facebook title being Monstermind. The studio is owned by Shine Group, a British television production company which is in turn owned by 21st Century Fox.

The studio has also created Merlin The Game, a Facebook title tie in to the BBC TV series and Deep Dungeons of Doom, an Android based 8-bit Dungeon crawler.
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