Steam is being odd and allowing people to access others' accounts

Written by Jake Tucker

December 25, 2015 | 22:02

Tags: #authentication

Companies: #steam

Most of us in the UK are lounging around on the sofa filled with turkey -I ate Christmas dinner 3 times, So full - getting ready to relax for the evening, but if you use the digital games service steam, you might be in some trouble.

It seems Steam has gone haywire in a really serious way. People are logging into steam to discover they have access to other users accounts, letting them see email addresses, personal details and Steam Wallet funds.

Response time on this is likely to be slow what with the whole "Christmas Day" business, but it looks like they've hit the big red button as many people are reporting that the store is down for them. Can't check this myself as myself and most of the time are taking some well-earned time off and i'm nowhere near a PC, but do be careful.

There's no word whether or not this is malicious or just a screw up on steams part, but it's worrying nonetheless. The smart money is on steering well clear of Steam for the moment (Because if it's a caching error clicking store links won't help) and watching your emails just in case of any fraudulent purchases.

Just to repeat, just in case it's a caching error, we'd recommend avoiding all Steam websites entirely, this includes the store page in your client.

Be vigilant and cross your fingers, hopefully Steam will find a fix for this soon. When everything is back to normal, changing your Steam password can't hurt.
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