Valve update the Steam interface

Written by Wil Harris

October 13, 2005 | 08:38

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David Rigotti alerts us to the new update to Valve's online gaming client.


"A new Steam client has been released, updating the integrated Steam store and the Games list. The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

These changes are part of a larger set of features (collectively known as Steam 3) which will be introduced over the course of the coming months. Today's release allows Steam to offer a larger and more varied collection of games to our customers, and introduces a-la-carte purchases."

The new update includes two versions of the Steam interface - big and small. The small version is rather like the game listings we all have now. The bigger version has details of individual updates and news items for games, as well as links to developers. It sports an integrated client for the Valve store and easy access to your friends, most popular servers, and settings.

Integration with the store, of course, will make it easy for you to purchase new games, like the upcoming Sin Episodes.

Screencaps are below. Is the new Steam an improvement, or does the 'Steam sucks' brigade still hold fast? Give us your thoughts.

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