Sony's PlayStation Network generated more revenue than all of Nintendo last year

Written by Jake Tucker

April 28, 2016 | 13:15

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Sony’s PlayStation Network made more money than the entirety of Nintendo during the last financial year, with Sony’s PlayStation Network generated 529.1 billion yen in sales.

The difference was highlighted by Twitter user ZhugeEX, who mentioned that while Sony made 529.1 billion yen with the PlayStation Network, Nintendo made 504.4 billion yen in its entirety.

The PSN has a bonus in that it’s propped up by its massive PlayStation 4 install base, now predicted to be around 40 million. The Wii U on the other hand has sold just 12.8 million, and it doesn’t charge £40 a year like the PlayStation Network to play online.

Obviously, this could all change. The Nintendo NX will launch in March 2017 and the Wii was very successful for Nintendo. The Wii U just failed to catch on in the same way and as a result this generation has been a little tricky for Nintendo to keep up with. With recent news that Zelda is being pushed back for a launch on the NX, it's been a weak year for them, while Sony have gone from strength to strength.

There's no data on the Xbox One, although sales are rumoured to be around 20 million for the console, meaning that the PS4 has outsold it's rival nearly 2:1

Three cheers for the PS4, I guess.
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