Sony finally outs PS3 at E3

Written by Wil Harris

May 9, 2006 | 15:12

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Sony has at last unveiled some of the final details of its PlayStation 3 console.

The PS3 will come in two versions - one with a 20GB hard drive and one with a 60GB hard drive. The 20GB version will lack a memory card reader, WiFi and a HDMI output. The lack of HDMI, in particular, is bad for the consumer - since it will mean the PS3 will be very little use as a Blu-Ray player, one of its major touted features. The 60GB version will have one, however.

The 20GB version will come in at $499 and the 60GB version at a whopping $599. In Europe, those prices convert straight to Euros - although no word on QueenLiz's Sterling just yet.

The console will hit Japan on November 11, and the rest of the world - Europe, America and Australia - on November 17.

Sony also showed off the new PS3 controller, which looks almost exactly like the current Dual Shock controller. There are a few differences - the triggers are slightly different, and the controller features gyroscopes for measuring movement a la the Revolution. It's wireless, with up to seven players on one console supported, and has a mini-USB jack for recharging. Bizarrely, however, there's no rumble feature - thanks, we suspect, to its problems with Immersion.

Various games were announced for the system that Sony aims to have launched alongside the system, including a new Gran Turismo and some unnamed EA ames. Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 were also mentioned.

Sony also announced details of its online service, which in a nutshell is Xbox Live but totally free. There will also be a 'PlayStation shop' like the Marketplace and a store to distribute downloadable music, like iTunes.

Sony claims that it will be able to ship 2 million consoles in the launch window, worldwide - making it a far more ambitious launch than Microsoft's 360. Whether or not the company can actually pull it off, amid more rumours last week of problems with the Blu-Ray drives and Cell processors, remains to be seen.

So, that's that. We hope to go hands-on with the console when we hit the show floor tomorrow but for now, why not let us know your thoughts on the price of the console and its specs over in the forums?
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