Sony loses Dual Shock patent case

Written by Wil Harris

March 13, 2006 | 21:16

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Reports are trickling through this evening that Sony has indeed lost its patent case against Immersion technologies and will be forced to halt sales of its PS2 console.

Immersion last year sued Sony for infringing on its patents. Immersion claims that it owns the technology that powers the rumble in Sony's Dual Shock controllers. It also sued Microsoft for its rumble features in the Xbox, but the boys from Redmond settled out of court.

Sony fought on, and lost a case last year. However, it's been allowed to continue selling the PS2 pending appeal. If the latest reports are verified, it's lost that appeal today.

This means that Sony not only has to pony up an awful lot of cash to Immersion Technologies, but it has to stop infringing on the patent - that means stop selling kit which includes Dual Shock technology, and that means pulling the PS2 off the shelf.

Commentators are wondering if this case is the reason for the PS3 controller redesign that we've seen - it's possible the horrendous boomerang monstrosity doesn't infringe on patents.

Interestingly, Immersion is owned in part by Nintendo. The next-generation battle just took another twist...

Love the Dual Shock? Can't believe Sony will pull PS2 from the shelves? What exactly is Nintendo's game here, letting Microsoft settle and taking Sony to the cleaners? Let us know your speculation over in the forums, and we'll try to back up the reports we're seeing.
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