Sony confirms new Dual Shock controller

Written by Joe Martin

September 18, 2007 | 10:45

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So, the PlayStation 3 controller has finally come full circle it seems. After going through all manner of design innovations, including the 'boomerang' and the 'PS3 Ball', Sony finally settled on just using an old PS2 controller but cut the wires off of it.

However, after a few complications involving a patent war to see just who owned the rights to the Dual Shock technology, the PS3 controller had to forfeit the rumble technology as well.

Now, while we have our own dark theories about what went on in the background of that patent struggle, the end result was that Sony was left with a controller that now seemed more than a little out of date - with neither Dual Shock or an improved design.

The addition of the SixAxis motion sensitive technology could have done something to address this of course but unfortunately many gamers saw this as a quick attempt on Sonys part to copy the success of Nintendo. We could argue that point until the cows come home, but it would be getting a little off topic.

Anywho, recent rumours have been circulating ever since a podcast done by the fellows over at 1-Up which states that Sony will be unveiling a new version of the PS3 controller at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show - a controller complete with Dual Shock.

The Dual Shock technology has proven a little problematic for Sony, who has been rumoured to be working on a controller update for a while now. The main problem has apparently been trying to cram both the Dual Shock and SixAxis gadgetry into the old controller shell while still keeping the controller wireless.

It remains to be seen whether Sony can make good on these rumours and actually bring the PS3 controller back to life, but in the mean time you can always discuss the issue on the forums and let us know what your favourite game controller of all time is.
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