New SiN Episodes screenshots

Written by Geoff Richards

December 1, 2005 | 13:00

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'Tis the season to be jolly, and to spread a little Christmas cheer, we have four new screenshots of Ritual's up-coming Source-powered shooter: SiN Episodes.

If you're dying to learn more about the game, Ritual's Michael Russell has answered a truckload of forum-submitted questions on the game over at Ritualistic. Here is a taster:

Of course, being on the Source engine, we’ve got a very powerful physics system to take advantage of as well. Sin Episodes: Emergence is very combat focused, so we intentionally did not include a lot of "physics puzzles," however, we have tried to incorporate physics into the combat. The levels have been constructed so you can shoot down supports and knock down shelves. You can catch an enemy’s grenade in-flight and toss it back at them (or if you’re really good, simply shoot it back at them.)

Where we really pushed this though, was the "explodable language" we developed. We have the usual exploding barrels, but we also have oxygen tanks that will take off from the point you shoot them, bouncing around and taking out whatever they collide with; and Acetylene tanks which operate like rocket propelled grenades. We have rooms FULL of these items.

A strategic player can take his or her time, pick up and maneuver objects how they want and set up elaborate ambushes; a more action focused player can just enter the room with guns blazing and let things fly where they may. The cool thing is that these objects react to enemy fire as well as your own, so you might begin an intense fire fight and realize you’re standing in a very very dangerous place. It really keeps the intensity up.

Sounds good to me! You can check out the full set of answers here and all that remains is to check out these juicy new screenshots - click for 1280x960 versions. Source-y chit-chat belongs in the News Discussion forum.

and just for fun, here are a couple more recent-but-still-cool screenshots:

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