SiN Episodes multiplayer debated

Written by Wil Harris

August 30, 2005 | 12:48

Tags: #episodes #multiplayer #ritual #sin

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Although the first installment of the new SiN episodes will be a primarily single player affair, Ritual has a new survey up which is asking gamers how they want to handle the multiplayer aspects of the game.

The survey is over here.

Ritual are looking for gamers to give input on every single piece of the multiplayer experience, from key binds to game types.

Is this the first time that game developers have taken such a direct route to get community feedback into their games? We think it must be. The network delivery method of distribution that Steam uses makes updates and tweaks based on community feedback far easier for developers using it, and this ethos appears to have been carried through to the initial design, too.

There's also a new update on how the development is coming along over at this blog, which mentions that the 'first draft' of the game is done, with storylines, pickups and the like all in place.

Frankly, we're rather excited at the prospect. We have written about SiN Episodes previously, here and here, and there's more on this latest story over at Eurogamer.

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