Sensible Soccer leaves XBLA

Written by Joe Martin

December 21, 2007 | 09:00

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Earlier this week Xbox Live Arcade saw the return of one of the greatest games ever made - Sensible Soccer. The game was re-made and updated for the Xbox 360 by Codemasters, who retitled the classic as Sensible World of Soccer, and Microsoft has been heavily hyping the release as a download on Live Arcade.

However, the return of Sensible Soccer proved to be very short-lived and the game has already been pulled off the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Microsoft was forced to remove Sensible World of Soccer temporarily when gamers started complaining about bugs and crashes cropping up when the game connected to Live.

Microsoft has since bounced Sensible back to Codemasters so that the bugs can be ironed out before the game returns. Codemasters hasn't released much information about the bugs or how they slipped through the cracks, but it looks like the QA wasn't up to scratch by the sound of it. That tends to be a problem for many developers nowadays, as discussed in our recent developer column by Simon Hill of Outerlight Software.

Were you one of the unlucky gamers who picked up a broken copy of the game, or did Sensible Soccer manage to pass you by completely? Let us know in the forums.
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