SCi cutting jobs, cancelling games

Written by Joe Martin

February 29, 2008 | 11:07

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SCi, the parent company of game publisher Eidos, has said that it will be radically restructuring itself in order to regain profitability.

This restructuring will include cutting 25 percent of jobs and moving all production services from London to Montreal. SCi will also attempt to cut annual operating costs by £14 million by the end of June by investing a one-off payment of £7 million, according to

SCi will be cancelling 14 projects that it feels are not an acceptable investment or are not of sufficient quality.

"Following our business review over the last six weeks, we are initiating a clear action plan based on three fundamental strands of activity: a radical change in our structure to a studio-led business, a top to bottom program of product improvement and efficiency and a considerable cost reduction plan," said Phil Rogers, CEO of SCi.

"I am confident our staff share this vision and excitement for the future, and determination to build a working environment where our innovation and creativity can be commercially realised," he added.

Eidos will also change from a centrally-operated development structure to a studio-lead style, with individual studios focusing on core brands like Tomb Raider, Hitman, Championship Manager and Deus Ex.

SCi will combine new media and casual gaming projects under the Eidos Play brand and the company has announced itself open to any acquisition offers, though it isn't actively seeking them. Care to make a bid, EA?

Do you feel sorry for the company, or is SCi just reaping what it has sown? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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