Quake for mobile phones

Written by Wil Harris

July 6, 2005 | 08:57

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Gamecloud has been talking to the chaps at Pulse Interactive about their port of Quake for mobile phones.

A few things come out of this. Number 1 - Quake mobile isn't going to work on your current phone. It's designed for the next generation of Nvidia GoForce and ATI Imageon chips, which will provide OpenGL functionality for mobile phones.

The game will be out first in Korea, where next-gen mobile phones are expected to launch first, later on this year. The game, and compatible handsets, should be in the US by the end of this year.

The game is being produced with the full cooperation of id Software, and the full single-player game will be made available on release. The two original Quake expansion packs will be made available as added pay-for content, whilst users can take any Quake mod and simply Bluetooth it over to the phone to play it. Who remembers Quake Rally?

Of course, the big question is deathmatch. Right now, Pulse have it working, but id haven't approved it. But Quake matches via Bluetooth - who needs the PSP?

There's some more details at Gamecloud; let us know what you think about mobile Quake in our forum.
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