Quake 2 Evolved brings old-skool to new hardware

Written by Wil Harris

November 23, 2005 | 14:06

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If you were disappointed by Quake 4, then this might just be for you. Although, in fact, if you loved Quake 4, you'll surely love this, too. A talented team of gamers has started the process of porting Quake 2 to the Doom 3 engine, faithfully recreating all the maps and the weapons in the state-of-the-art graphics engine.

The initial screenshots look absolutely fantastic, and appear to have the look and feel of the game spot on. Here's a quote from the Quake II Evolved homepage:

"Quake II Evolved is a high end graphical update to id Softwares Quake 2. Using advanced effects such as Per Pixel Lighting and Shadowing, Fragment And Vertex Programs, High Resolution textures and models, and an advanced version of the Doom 3 Shader System, Quake II Evolved's goal is a simple one; To take Quake 2, and pump up the detail to tomorrows standards.

Quake II Evolved began back in 2002 when two guys, Nicolas Martin Flekenstein, and Gavin Stevens, thought of the idea to add a few nice effects and skins to Quake 2. What began as a small hobby quickly turned into a mammoth project in no time. The process has been a slow but sure one, adding smaller effects like advanced particles and UI's, moving onto larger advances such as a complete per pixel renderer."

I remember the first time I fired up Quake 2, and found it a fantastic play. However, I really remember installing my first 3DFX card and playing it in accelerated OpenGL for the first time. Holy Moly! That shizzle was good. Despite being a hoover for Doom 3 (an inverse fan, geddit?) I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this baby.

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