Quake 4 on course to launch at Christmas

Written by Tim Smalley

May 13, 2005 | 00:31

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According to popular UK games magazine, PCGamer, Quake 4 is scheduled for release in time for it to appear in your stockings by the fireplace on that special day towards the end of December. It's that time again, The Strogg return for another instalment the very popular Quake series.

There are few people who can deny that Doom 3 was made in the exact way that idSoftware wanted it, whether you loved or hated it. The game was built around its atmosphere, and it did a very good job in that respect. It is no surprise that idSoftware are right in the thick of Quake 4's development.

Two years ago id joined up with Raven Software, who have worked with id in the past with the development of several Quake-series expansion packs, and gave them access to Doom 3's technology, along with the concept, basic story line, and guidance in creating a masterpiece to live up to what is expected of a new addition to the Quake series.

Todd Hollenshead, CEO and co-owner of id Software, confirmed just how closely id Software and Raven are working in order to make Quake 4 a big, big hit with the punters. He went on to say, "Raven have fleshed out our idea... but the full resources of id are at Raven's disposal."

The title is hugely reliant on Doom 3's advanced graphics engine - arguably the most advanced 3D games engine around at the moment. However, the technical wizardry is not what is going to make Quake 4 a big hit, according to PCGamer, as Raven have added a number of details, tweaks, all-important variation, pacing and scale to Doom 3's run-and-gun formula, as the author puts it.

According to Tim Willits, Lead Designer and co-owner of id, the combat AI has been re-jigged since Doom 3, and they won't just rush up to you - they'll look for cover first. They also team up in pairs and will attempt to find another Strogg to fight with if you kill his buddy.

Do not worry if you are not interested in the single player portion of the game. According to the article, the mulitplayer is very reminiscent of Quake III in its pace, style and weapons speed.

The article concludes: "Infusing Doom 3's looks and tense action with far more depth and variety, Quake 4 is on course for triumph." It looks like id, in conjunction with Raven Software, are on to a winner with Quake 4, and deathmatch junkies should ready themselves for what looks like yet another must-have first-person shooter to add to the collection.

Looking forward to Quake 4 as much as we are? Let us know your thoughts!
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