Written by Geoff Richards

November 30, 2005 | 12:29

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Further exploiting the connected-console's ability to 'launch and patch it later', Sony have released yet another firmware for the PSP - v2.60. This new release adds support for RSS feeds and Microsoft's WMA audio format.

The new features are a bit of a mixed bag to be honest. On the one hand, WMA support will be a welcome addition for some users, previously limited to MP3 and AAC.

The RSS reader means users will be able to tap into the thousands of podcasts, though at this point, it appears that only audio is supported. If you want to check the bit-tech RSS feed via your PSP, it seems you will have to wait for a future firmware.

Unlike an iPod, podcasts are streamed live over your wireless network connection to your PSP, saving you the hassle of having to synch with your PC. The downside to this is that there is reportedly no way to save a podcast to the Memory Stick, so when you roam out of WiFi range, you lose your stream.

Will users upgrade to v2.60?'s Rob Fahey isn't so sure. "The new update almost certainly also closes a number of potential security holes in the recently released version 2.50 firmware," he said. "Although as yet no hacker has succeeded in running pirate or homebrew applications on version 2.5, one group did discover a loophole which could potentially have been used to downgrade the firmware back to version 1.5, which was massively insecure and has been used to run everything from pirate software to emulators to freeware applications such as e-book readers."

Do you own a PSP? Let us know what firmware version you are running. Do you like the new features that Sony is introducing, or are they trying to bribe customers into upgrading away from the piracy-prone firmwares?
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