Pirates crack Sony's PSP

Written by Wil Harris

May 6, 2005 | 14:18

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The development community has been alight this morning with news that the Sony PSP has been hacked to use third party programmes.

The Paradox cracking group have released the first three rips of PSP games, with Vampire Chronic, Ridge Racers and Wipeout all pulled from official Sony UMDs. The group claims that UMD uses a standard ISO 9660 file system, meaning that the disc images can be burned to DVD for investigation.

As yet, there is no way to burn UMDs, so the games remain unplayable.

Another group, Toolchain, has put together a simple 'Hello World' programme to illustrate the running of third party code on the PSP. By copying the .PSP file to the memory stick of a PSP, the device can run the code following a reboot.

The hacks only work with the v1.00 firmware that shipped with original Japanese PSPs. American versions, and later Japanese models, ship with a v1.50 firmware - although it is possible to take a retrograde step backwards, if you can find the software.

There are some pictures of the Hellow World programme over at PS2NFO. It doesn't look like it's long before the PSP spawns the kind of homebrew community that has made the Nintendo GBA so popular.

Are you outraged by these pesky pirates always ruining the fun for everyone? Or do you feel you have the right to do whatever you please with your hardware, and can't wait to install Linux on your PSP? Vent your feelings in this thread.
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