PS3 has become a 'whipping boy'

Written by Joe Martin

July 2, 2007 | 10:55

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It's true that the PlayStation 3 has had a tough time of late, whether sacrificing goats to the God of War or upsetting the monotheistic Godhead of the Church of England, it seems that the media is always out to get Sony's latest mega-console.

And some people are a little upset about that.

Ted Price, of Insomniac Games, believes that the PS3 has become "the whipping boy for the press" according to, mainly because he thinks "it's human nature to want to take down the guy on top."

Insomniac Games was in the news earlier this year for annoying the Church of England with Resistance: Fall of Man, which featured an alien/human gunfight in Manchester Cathedral.

"I think everyone just wants to fill it full of arrows because Sony's had some pretty amazing success over the years," Price says. "And it's easy to overlook that it's been, I think, the fastest-selling PlayStation console. I think it's human nature to want to take down the guy on top, and Sony has definitely gotten its share of...mud."

Price is of the opinion that the console will undergo a massive boom in sales when Christmas hits, though we're sceptical that it'll happen without a substantial drop in price.

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