Project Offset gameplay trailer released

Written by Joe Martin

July 31, 2007 | 12:55

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You might not have heard of Project Offset and the chances are that if you have heard of it then you aren't reading this at all - you're already drooling over your keyboard as you watch the trailer below.

If you haven't heard of it though, don't be ashamed. The game has been a bit low-key, so allow us to enlighten you.

Project Offset is the working title for an upcoming game developed by Offset Software, a newbie development house made of just 19 developers, most of whom were indie developers. Built in the Offset Engine (They really like that word, eh?), the game is described only as a first-person shooter set in an epic fantasy world.

Very little is actually known about the game and it's hard to even confirm the release platforms, though we know it'll be appearing on PC for sure.

The game has been a bit of an underground phenomenon in terms of the hype surrounding it, which is understandable given how awesomely, magnificently gorgeous the game looks.

So, this is the first gameplay trailer for the game as all previous videos have been tech demos. The gameplay finally seems to be shaping up though in what we at bit-tech looks like a fusion of Assassin's Creed and Dark Messiah: Might and Magic, with lashings of Oblivion.

Enough talk though, check out the trailer below and then get to the forums to discuss it. Be warned, the trailer starts of slowly (concept art, m'eh) but it soon picks up.

UPDATE: It turns out that the trailer was listed for internal purposes only and was accidentally leaked to the net. In response to requests from Offset Software, we've removed the trailer from the site. We have left the topic open to discussion however and have left the news post open for readers.
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