Pro gaming training centre opens in China

Written by Joe Martin

April 1, 2008 | 14:12

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The Championship Gaming series has just announced that it has opened "a new training facility and dedicated gaming arena" in China today.

Positioned in the city of Wuhan, the new facility is hoping to thrive on the population of one and half million local students. The main purpose of the new Championship Gaming Centre is to entice young players off the streets and into the facility. There, the applicants will be tested and trained to see if they have what it takes to be a pro gamer.

So, it's just like any other sports academy then, except probably darker and smellier like most LAN centres we've been too.

The training centre will then be complemented by a 1000-seat arena to be used for large-scale matches and professional tournaments and the Championship Gaming Series is already receiving backing from the likes of Microsoft and DirecTV.

There has been some concern voiced however that, while the centre is intended as an "incubator for talent", it may be seen more as a way to indoctrinate the masses - though if you ask us, each view is edging on the extreme.

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