The Prince of Persia games have been consistently popular with gamers ever since the first game was released in 1989. For those unfamiliar, the original cast the players as the titular Prince who had one hour, but unlimited lives, to navigate a complex dungeon and rescue The Princess from The Vizier. Games weren't big on naming the characters in those days, y'know.

Having seen a revitalisation in the hearts and minds of gamers recently with the new Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy, series creator, Jordan Mechner, has decided to go ahead and bring the Prince to the comic book format.

Mechner will be working with First Second Books to produce the comic book, or graphic novel if you prefer, which will tell a brand new story about the Prince. It's unclear if the book will be set in the same universe as Sands of Time, or if it will somehow tie into the new game trilogy which is rumoured to be in production, or if the comic will be a completely seperate continuity altogether.

We do know though from an interview at Gamasutra that the comic will have an original storyline though and will not be a simple retelling of previous adventures.

Mechner, who has appointed an anonymous writer for the comic, gave a few details on how he expects the story to pan out;

"His [the writer] mandate was to take Prince of Persia back to the mythic roots of the story, and I think Prince of Persia game fans will be really surprised when they see it. Hopefully they'll like it for giving them something that's deeper and stranger than they would expect from a graphic novel based on a video game."

So, it's still a little blurry and we don't know whether to expect the immature and naive Prince of The Sands of Time, the rebellious and moody emo-kid of Warrior Within or the tortured but wizened hero of The Two Thrones.

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