Prey 2 detailed, more announced

Written by Joe Martin

March 19, 2008 | 13:57

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Scott Miller of 3D Realms has revealed more details about the rumoured sequel to Prey, as well as introducing two new games for the studio; Earth No More and Incarnate.

Earth No More is being developed by Recoil Games and will be about a deadly virus plaguing the world in reaction to human pollution. Miller described it as being the most exciting game in development in Finland at the moment, suggesting it'll be more impressive than Alan Wake.

Incarnate on the other hand will be similar to Assassin's Creed according to Eurogamer and will have players leaping through the streets of Chicago as they hunt down reincarnated souls.

Speaking about Prey 2, Miller said that the player will reprise the role of Tommy but that Tommy will be a more mature and comfortable hero than before. Miller said that Prey 2 will have more enemies on screen at once, as well as more open areas. He went on however to compare the game to Call of Duty 4, which didn't really excel in either of those categories.

"While Prey pioneered the portal concept, Valve's Portal took it to an all-new level. It really shows what you can do when you focus on a single core cool gameplay concept, said Miller to IGN.

"So, while Portal impressed the heck out of us, it has also inspired us to return the favour to Valve and hopefully leap frog them as they did us. We believe we have new ideas for portals that will keep the portal race interesting."

Hm - could Prey 2 be any good or is Miller comparing it to other games in a desperate attempt to excite fans? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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