Poll: What's your favourite game genre?

Written by Tim Smalley

August 4, 2007 | 11:10

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So, you call yourself a gamer, but which game genre makes you tick the most? That's exactly what we're asking in this week's forum poll.

Are you, like Joe, a Guybrush Threepwood wannabe, or did you like kicking some M. Bison ass in Street Fighter? What about good old Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog - do they still have a special place in your heart?

First- or third-person shooters are usually the games with the biggest hype surrounding them, but are they still as good as they used to be? If not, have you, like me, made a move to Real-Time Strategies?

That said, I've not fully divorced myself from the FPS genre - I'll still be playing Bioshock, Crysis, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, TF2 and UT3, amongst others when I'm not playing World in Conflict.

By the way, while I'm talking about World in Conflict, have you seen the latest DirectX 10 features video? Shameless plug I know, but damn it looks good!

Maybe you've had your mind stolen by World of Warcraft or Oblivion? If so, what are you doing reading this? You should be playing, foo!

Whatever your favourite gaming genre is, please drop into this thread to let us know!
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