PlayStation 3 delay is official

Written by Wil Harris

March 15, 2006 | 12:17

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Sony's PlayStation chieftan, Ken Kuturagi, has officially announced that the PS3 is delayed until November.

However, the firm is aiming for a simultaneous worldwide launch with major availability (think: Xbox 360 but without the massive disappointment.)

Sony said it would ship 6 million PS3s before the end of 2006 - to put that in perspective, Microsoft has only shipped about 3.5m Xbox 360s so far since the system launched last year.

Kuturagi also unveiled some of the features of the console. A 60GB hard drive will be included with every machine and it will be possible to run Linux on it, officially. Interestingly, the PS3 will act as a media hub from which you can grab all your content - sort of the opposite of the Xbox 360, which acts as a media grabber.

He also spoke of Sony's as-yet-unnamed online service, which appears to be shaping up very much like Xbox Live - with a free online service for downloads and chatting then a premium service for actually gaming.

The PSP is also to get a price cut, with a UK 'base' unit (sans headphones etc) to come it at around £140, or $199 in the States. An EyeToy unit, that plugs into USB, was confirmed, and official support for downloading PS1 games from Sony and playing them via Memory Stick was also mentioned. Sceptics might say that emulation on a PSP has been around for ages, but this officially sanctioned effort looks rather like the Revolution's Nintendo-heritage-backwards-compatibility.

So, it looks like we could have PlayStation 3 in England before Christmas after all - that's assuming there are no further slippages. Are you excited yet? Let us know over in the forums.
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