Study finds new PS3 gaming disease

Written by Joe Martin

February 25, 2009 | 11:01

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The debate about whether or not gaming addiction is a legitimate illness is still raging on, but according to a report from the BBC there's at least one new clinically accepted disease out there which does target gamers.

The disease, which has been dubbed as PlayStation palmar hidradenitis by dermatologists, is a skin affliction which came to light after a 12 year-old girl was hit with the bug and went to the Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland about sores that had formed on her hands.

Investigating the matter, doctors discovered the girl had recently been playing an obsessive amount of PlayStation 3 and that the sores on her hands matched pressure points on the DualShock controller. The medics stepped in an, after ten days without the PlayStation 3, the girl was cured.

"For the disorder to only affect the hands is very unusual," said the doctors, who decided that PlayStation palmar hidradenitis was the best name for the skin problem since it is so far unproven to affect Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii gamers.

Regarding the name of the disease, though it's been a while since we brushed up on our Latin we're pretty sure that it translates into English as 'Stop holding your controller so tightly, fool!'.

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