Sony: "We can't guarantee security"

Written by Joe Martin

May 18, 2011 | 11:28

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Sony has admitted that it can't guarantee the security of the PlayStation Network and has warned of a 'bad new world of cybercrime'.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal Sony CEO Howard Stringer said that maintaining a secure system is a 'never-ending process...[but I don't know] if anyone is 100 per cent secure.'

Addressing accusations that the protections in place around the now-restored PlayStation Network, Stringer said: 'We had no reason to believe that our security was not good and still no reason to believe it because we have plenty of people looking at it.'

'We've learned that we just have to keep improving our security.'

Sony also defended itself over it's percieved slowness to publicly react or to alert users about the extent to which the PSN had been compromised.

'We were trying to find out in a very volatile situation what had happened and when we did we relayed it...If your house has been burglarized, you find out if you've lost something before you call the police.'

'We have to earn back the trust and loyalty we may have lost in this circumstance. That's our goal and that's one we have to reach,' Stringer said.

'Our case, unfortunately, is so large and the scale of the PlayStation Network so big that it's forced a lot of attention to be paid. In the long run, that'll be good for everybody.'

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