Sony using new PS3 hardware

Written by Joe Martin

April 26, 2010 | 11:51

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Sony has begun using a new revision of the PlayStation 3 hardware in the latest consoles, one which is cheaper to produce and may even mean that individual PlayStation 3s can be sold at a profit.

Spotted by PlayStation University, the new hardware includes changes to the RSX graphics chip and tweaks to the RAM setup.

The new RSX chip has changed to a 45nm version which uses 15 percent less power and is less prone to overheating, hopefully minimising on cases of the 'yellow light of death'. The Cell chip however remains unchanged.

RAM-wise, the new PlayStation 3 consoles will use two 128MB XDR RAM sticks, rather than the four 64MB chips used in older consoles. There's a new cooling assembly too, plus the power supply is a lot lighter.

Interestingly, the new console may enable Sony to start selling individual consoles at a profit given that the original PS3 Slim design was thought to be breaking even for Sony, says

The new PS3 has been labelled as CECH-2100A and, like most minor hardware changes, has not been formally announced or promoted by Sony.

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