Sony reveals PS3 motion controller

Written by Joe Martin

June 3, 2009 | 10:43

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Sony has revealed that it has a second motion controller planned for the PlayStation 3, one which is completely independent from the existing SixAxis controller and which should communicate with the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Eye.

While the controller that was unveiled at E3 2009 was still very much an engineering model according to Sony, it seems to offer full 1:1 motion - though it does look a bit silly.

The model that Sony had on show was modelled by Sony's Richard Marks and essentially looks like a big purple stick with a flashing light on the end of it. The light is apparently the most important bit (not the purple shaft) as the controller is intended to work with the PlayStation Eye and it is the light that Eye detects and tracks. The light will flash, change colour and dims to signal different applications to the eye.

Sony demonstrated the unnamed controller with a number of simple games, including sports simulations, sword slashing and shooters.

While the new system might look very silly, it's apparently a super efficient design and Sony is claiming that the new system should offer "sub-millimetre accuracy". Hmm. We're a bit sceptical of how accurate that claim might be personally, though demonstrations of the device at E3 2009 were apparently very impressive.

The only release date for the controller was a tentative and played-down mention of next spring, though Sony has hinted the system may already be with developers.

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