MS: "Sony is out of touch"

Written by Joe Martin

January 22, 2009 | 15:14

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The war of the words continues evermore it seems, with Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg calling out Sony's Kaz Hirai on his comments that the PlayStation 3 is the best and accusing Sony of being out of touch with the modern market.

Sony spokesperson Kaz Hirai yesterday proclaimed that Sony's PlayStation 3 made it the clear, official industry leader in console development - despite the fact that Nintendo is leading in sales figures. Nintendo doesn't count, argued Hirai, who said that the Wii could only play games, while the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 could do so much more. Sony made the claim despite the fact that even using that definition the Xbox 360 has still outsold the PlayStation 3.

Today Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg hit back at Sony, saying that these sounded like comments coming from an old hardware company that has grown comfortable and complacent with its position in the market.

"That complacent attitude is out of touch with where the industry and consumer is today," said Greenberg in an interview with The Bitbag.

"This generation won't be won over just hardware specs, but who can out-innovate when it comes to online and software. This is the kind of stuff that's in our DNA, and frankly moves the console war onto our home court," he continued.

"I'm confident we will outsell the PS3 throughout the entire generation by providing more innovation and building the best and broadest games library while growing our entertainment experiences on the leading online network," he stated.

"With a US install base lead now of more than seven million units (according to NPD), I can't imagine any scenario where the PS3 can catch up with us."

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