Sony: Games will set the standard for 3D

Written by Joe Martin

May 26, 2010 | 11:26

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SCEE President Andrew House has said that "games are a perfect fit with 3D...[and will] lead the way in consumer understanding of how 3D enhances the entertainment experience."

The comment comes as part of an interview on the official PlayStation site, where House lends his support to the idea of 3D technology on consoles.

"Games can be adapted into 3D relatively easily and with this technology we can add depth and make games more immersive than ever," said House.

Sony current has a few 3D PlayStation 3 games on the way to coincide with a new range of Bravia 3D TVs, namely WipEout HD, Super Stardust HD, PAIN, but House has hinted at more 3D games in the future.

"As with all new technologies, initially there are barriers to entry, such as the cost of the TVs," said House. "Regardless of that, we feel that it is our responsibility to offer all consumers a choice. If you want to spend the money on a new 3D TV, then we will provide you with 3D content to play."

"That is not to say that out priorities have changed. Our priority is still very much our key traditional Blu-ray Disc titles, and that does not mean that we can't offer some 3D fun as well."

Personally, we're already quite sick of this new 3D trend and would far rather forego the limitations of the technology and the headaches that come along with it, but Sony has invested in it regardless. You can check out our look at Nvidia's 3D effort, 3DVision, for more of our thoughts, but let us know what you think in the forums.
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