Naughty Dog apologises for swiping map

Written by David Hing

June 26, 2013 | 08:03

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Naughty Dog has apologised for using an unofficial map of the Boston Subway without permission in The Last of Us.

The developer contacted Portland-base cartographer Cameron Booth after he made the discovery and wrote an anger-fuelled rant on his blog. Talking to Eurogamer, Booth stated that he would be happy with public acknowledgement of his work from Naughty Dog and was keen to avoid any legal action.

'To casually appropriate someone else's work and incorporate it into their game without any discussion with the owner of that work is completely unacceptable,' Booth wrote on his blog. 'Not to mention hugely ironic, as the software industry is always complaining about piracy of their work.'

Naughty Dog would have had to pay a license fee in order to include the official map of the Boston Subway in the game and either believed Booth's version was in the public domain or that Booth would not mind or notice it being used.

Although 'furious' at his initial discovery, Booth now appears happy with the developer's efforts to reach out to him and the two have come to some kind of arrangement. 'It seems as if matters will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction shortly,' he added in a later post.

Naughty Dog was also accused of swiping images earlier this week by Ellen Page, who is convinced that the developer based one of The Last of Us' main characters, Ellie, on her likeness.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, the actress expressed her anger about this predominantly because she is acting in another Playstation 3 title, Quantic Dream's Beyond Two Souls, which is due for release in October this year.
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