Microsoft: "Xbox 360 beats PS3 in Europe"

Written by Joe Martin

February 16, 2009 | 12:41

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Microsoft and Sony continue their battle of press releases today, with Microsoft claiming dominance over the PlayStation 3 in Europe with the Xbox 360.

Speaking to, Microsoft's VP of Interactive Entertainment in the EMEA, Chris Lewis, region has said that it's clear who holds a greater lead in Europe - and it isn't Sony.

Lewis points to sales figures form GfK Chart-Track to support his claims, saying that the Xbox 360 is beating the PlayStation 3 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by more than one million units. He also implies that Sony has attempted to confuse the issue by lumping these countries in as 'PAL regions' - a definition which actually includes Australia and New Zealand.

However you look at it though, in the UK and mainland Europe Lewis is adamant that Sony is failing to hit sales targets and that Nintendo and Microsoft dominate the market.

"There has been some confusion, but I'm not confused," he said. "Let me say we're confident that we talk about numbers that are meaningful customer numbers, whether they be GfK- or Chart-Track-generated, or otherwise, but they are numbers about shipments into the market, numbers that represent our performance in Europe, the Middle East and Africa - they're not PAL territories in totality, so the numbers I talk about don't include Australia and New Zealand for instance.

"If you look right across my area of responsibility, every data point that I've got, which I trust - and data points we've always used - put us approximately 1 million units ahead in the aggregate."

Lewis insisted he wasn't being arrogant though, saying that Microsoft was still highly respectful of it's competition and that the only reason he was singling Sony out was because it was a good barometer of the Xbox 360's success.

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