Heavy Rain gets 15 certificate in UK

Written by Joe Martin

January 6, 2010 | 11:55

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Heavy Rain, the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive from the developer of Fahrenheit and The Nomad Soul, has been given a 15 certificate by the BBFC in the UK despite tackling some very mature themes.

Interestingly, the reason for the 15 certificate as opposed to an 18 rating could be seen as a snub to the claims made by developer Quantic Dream about the quality of the graphics.

"These are obviously not real people, or real people acting," the BBFC told IncGamers.

Heavy Rain has drawn a lot of attention for the stunning quality of the graphics and the lengths that the team has gone to in order to create a cast of 'virtual actors', including buying their own motion capture studio. We had a look at the game mid-2009 and were completely blown away by the attention to detail and the way that the characters were animated.

"[i]It all depends on the level of blood and violence. We use the same classification for games as we do for films, and this game is suitable for a 15 audience,[i]" added the BBFC spokesperson.

Quantic Dream owner David Cage has promised that the game will update the adventure game genre and deal with mature themes in a responsible and interesting manner, unafraid of issues such as sex, violence and loss. You can read more about the game in our Games to Watch in 2010 article, or read our older discussion with David about the problems of creating interesting characters in a computer game.

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