GT5 has 1000 cars, including hybrids

Written by Joe Martin

August 24, 2009 | 12:10

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Gran Turismo 5 will feature around 1000 cars according to information that was briefly available on the official Polyphony Digital website, including a range of electric and hybrid vehicles like the Tesla.

What's more, there were several brochures and pamphlets doing the rounds at GamesCom 2009 which listed the game as being set for a Q4 2009 release on the PlayStation 3 - the first time a release date has been properly attached to the game.

The listing of new cars was grabbed by fansite by GTPlanet and includes a bunch of other gameplay features and details that are being touted for the upcoming racing sim.

Those new features apparently include more than 20 playable tracks in the game, spread out over 60 different layouts and courses, plus custom soundtrack support and the fact that 170 of the 1000 cars will have fully modelled interiors. On the downside, the vehicle damage system doesn't seem to be all there yet according to Eurogamer.

We did have a quick look at Gran Turismo 5 when we were at GamesCom ourselves, but we weren't honestly able to get very far with it thanks to not being able to drive cars in real life. Ah well. Let us know your thoughts on the GT games in the forums.
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