Consumers not interested in Natal, Move

Written by Joe Martin

June 11, 2010 | 11:04

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A new study by OTX GamePlan has revealed that most consumers aren't massively interested in new motion-sensitive controllers, such as Microsoft's Natal for the Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation Move.

The new information comes just a few days ahead of E3, where both products are set to play a major part of the event.

According to Gamasutra the research polled 2000 consumers between May 23rd and June 5th, but found that only 8 percent intended to buy Microsoft's Natal. Only 6 percent were planning to pick up Sony's Move.

The news isn't wholly surprising though, as both products have yet to have their big marketing push and only prototypes have been shown to the public yet. Microsoft's Natal still hasn't even shed it's official codename, for example.

Delving further into the stats though, only 25 percent of those who were willing to buy said they'd be willing to pre-order, while only 15 percent of the market is even aware what Natal or Move are.

"While we are still months away from launch, the current data suggests that Natal gamers are definitely Xbox 360 purists, while Move gamers have a stronger interest in other platforms," said the report.

OTX also noted that women make up 30 percent of those willing to buy the Move, compared to 20 percent for the Natal.

Are you thinking of picking up a Natal or Move controller, or are you more interested in 3D gaming than motion sensitive controllers? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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